Fall 2019

Fall 2019

Well… summers over and of course there will be a change in building strategies for the fall and winter.

We have added new items to our inventory to increase the ease of installation on cable railing systems, and dropped prices on some of our items

We are going to be having monthly sales on certain items so be sure and watch our Webpage to see if some of the pieces you regularly order have become a sale item.

Cable railing in a lot of States across the Nation will take to the interior during the winter months in places where they mountains of snow, and changes in the seasons. There will be more stair rails done, or inside balcony railings and this type of building.  We have been seeing several Architects using cable railing as statement pieces on walls and over fireplaces (instead of a TV).  Of course you will still have some States with their sunshine and good weather that will continue building decks and outside balconies etc .

And…. Our Marine business has picked up too!! People replacing their old galvanized hardware on their boat rails and sail riggings to 316 Stainless Steel. It’s almost like having a facelift on your marine items.

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