May 24, 2016


Well – here we are back again!!! 

Thank you all for your recent orders, we have accumulated some great customers .

We’re also always  looking for “ up and coming”  trends that are beginning to sprout in the metal and iron business.

Summer in California comes and goes but should be really arriving in the next month or so!  Now people are beginning to think of their backyards, decks, screened in porches, stairways and decorative areas.  We are starting to see it in our sales. And we see all the new construction projects going up. We hope they are open to Stainless Steel Cable Railing!!!



NEW PRODUCT:  As you may have encountered, sometimes the homeowners are not totally satisfied with the finished product on the cable railings, and they’d like to have them look a little fancier, than having the edges showing on the ends of the screws.  Also, screws can be a little dangerous, with children falling against them, catching on sleeves or skirts and just be an overall nuisance.  

We have added a new product to our line which is # 28 on our web page and it a finishing cap.  When the cable railing is done, on each screw you cut the screw down and add a special nut to it and then attach a stainless steel cap on it.  It makes the railing take on a completely different look.  It looks finished and if a cable rail fence can look a little elegant, it does that too!!!.

Also, in the near future we will be endowing our customers that spend over $1000 - $1500 with us some type of useful tool or item in appreciation of their orders.  We haven’t found the exact right product yet.

If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to send it to us in an email at

Thank you all  - see to you soon



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