How to Maintain the Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is corrosion resistant because of its protective chromium oxide film on the surface. Regular maintenance is required to keep excellent luster and durability. In a lot of applications, stainless steel can last for many years, never rusting, and stain-free. 

Therefore, proper maintenance will keep the stainless steel in its best condition for many years; even when exposed to marine environments or corrosive elements. 

The following are our recommendations:

  • Clean with stainless or metal cleaners; don't use mineral acids or bleaches.


  • Do not use sand paper or steel wool to polish cables or fittings; use fabric or synthetic Scotch pads.


  • Do not leave stainless steel in contact with steel, iron, or other metals because it can cause rust spots.


  • Remove any stains or rust spots right away with soap and warm water.


  • For outdoor, humid, or coastal areas we recommend applying a light coat of fluid film to prevent corrosion.

  • For Quality longevity we recommend using Sheila Shine on all stainless material. It's available on your local hardware stores. Approximately priced at $15-$20.