• Cable Railing

    Think about how a network of slender stainless-steel cables gracefully intertwining, create a seamless and transparent barrier. The result is not just a safety feature but a design element that adds an air of sophistication and openness to your surroundings.

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  • Glass Railing

    Imagine how a series of sleek, transparent panels effortlessly define your space, create an open and inviting atmosphere. It's not just an upgrade, it's a statement that adds a touch of contemporary coolness to your surroundings.

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Cable Railing Hardware

Glass Railing Hardware & Panels

We have been proudly serving the San Fernando valley since 1979. Our team carries the greatest manpower and experience used to give you that sleek and sturdy modern look that you've always wanted, and with Shemonico, the job is done right, and guaranteed.

  • Shemonico did an amazing job with our custom cable railing build & install. 175+ ft. of railing plus two gates. The business owner, Shemon, walked the property line with me and talked through options and our ideas...

  • Had an installation done by shemonico, everything went smoothly, price was reasonable and fair, shemon showed up on time, had a great attitude towards me and my wife, i highly recommended this business.

  • These guys are amazing! Professional from the beginning to the end. They just finished installing a stainless steel railing with glass on my inside stairs. Exceptional work! Just beautiful. Highly recommended!!!!

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