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About us

Shemonico is a provider of cable railing systems for interior and exterior use. We work with all the building trades such as Architects, Resellers (Vendors) Homeowners, Specialty Outlets and Contractors.
Our customer is anyone that wants to be a leader in the building industry.
Cable railing is sweeping the Architectural landscape again, turning even the oldest, grandest, or even the most outdated or modest dwelling into something unique, creating a timeless stairwell, deck railing, porch or just the separation of an area. It is a reminder that recaptures the architecture popular in the Mid century Era made popular by famous craftsman. It is now enjoying a resurgence in popularity, for both Cable AND Glass! Cable railing uses are limited only by your imagination and ingenuity and Shemonico is here to help you achieve your ideas.
Shemonico was established in 1980. Our company's goal as metal fabricators has always been to provide great service, outstanding quality products - all at affordable prices. A recent survey that was done by an independent company hailed us as having outstanding quality and made note of the fact that Shemonico is also one of the least expensive in this marketplace. We serve all Los Angeles Areas and sell online nationwide.
Shemonico will do local installation. We do provide verbal technical advice.
We ship quickly, to your door and are only a phone call, email, or FAX away.
There may be a charge for any special handling.
This product provides an open view, safety, is budget friendly and has ease of installation. It works with wood decking, steel, stair rails, wrought iron - and can be made as casual or elegant as you wish. This is also an excellent product used for the marine industry.
  1. The Model #316 which is Stainless Steel and has been being  used in the marine industry for years, preventing rust and corrosion - for Exterior OR Interior Use.
  2. More importantly, each system can be a totally custom look and is easy for the contractor to Install and comes in three (3) different thicknesses. 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4"
WE ACCEPT ALL CREDIT CARDS AND PAYPAL, and can ship anywhere in the world. We use UPS, Fedex and USPS. Whichever our clients prefer.
FOREIGN SHIPMENTS Any custom charges will be paid by the recipient.